referred to as an Opel Omega Carleton Lotus, or something like that (1990)…are these decent automobiles as we do not have them in the U.S. of the us, or am I looking for at a big profits pit? i will get utilized to the RHD, I will have to regulate to transferring with my closing hand even if (it`s a six pace????!!!..why??)

resolution by way of sharkopath
for starters, it actually is often called Opel Omega and was sold as the Vauxhall Carlton in the British isles. Opel paired with Lotus to make a limited operate (950) of far stronger twin-turbo diversifications, in most cases known as the Lotus Omega. it can do -60 in just above 5 seconds, and used to be at the time probably the most amazing four-doorway at any time (and it is nonetheless one particular of the speediest)

Response by means of Michael G
Ah the lotus carlton (British isles), Opel Omega (Europe), it truly is an out of this world automotive & truly extraordinary! (you are somewhat rather a lot right on all counts!) It was once vastly high-priced to procure when it initial arrived out (£48000!) a perfect 1 will almost definitely nonetheless be price not considerably significantly less than that. It reasonably significantly beats the pants off of some other large sporting actions saloon additionally. it will possibly now not be a proper cash pit but elements are certain to be exotic go for an excellent one & seem quickly after it & you must be tremendous!



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